Quick Wind

Male "Veteran Medium" elf


Appearance: 5’ tall, very shiny golden hair, gold eyes, 120 pounds.

Gear: Scale mail armor, blowgun, short sword, back pack, whip, spell book.


Quick Wind is from the Gauntlin Forest. At this time, no one knows how he got gold-colored eyes— not even him.
His reputation is not really great, among elves, and even a little bit among the human folk of the Melinir region. He is known has having bad luck and unfortunate things happening to him and those around him.
Thirteen years ago, many of his family members disappeared from their home in the Gauntlin Forest — 2 brothers and a sister.
He went searching for them in many places, in Thunder Rift. But, he did not search very far or in very many deep and dark or dangerous places. He was afraid of getting hurt, and of not surviving; then who, in his family would go find those that were lost? He is afraid that his siblings may be dead, since nothing has been heard or known about them for so long.
Six years ago, when visiting Melinir with an elven friend of his, this friend took the money of a human family, and ran away. For several years, humans in Melinir (and settlements around the city) did not trust Quick Wind; it has been hard for him to trust others, too, sometimes.
He wants to improve in ability and skills, so that he will be able to find his lost family members; he has been waiting for and trying to find other adventurers and heroes that have enough faith in him, so that he will be able to be the brother and helper to his family that he wants to be, and find out what happened to his brothers and sister.

Quick Wind

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