The Rift's Rogues

The Knight of Newts
Castle Kraal Expedition 3

Bullzeye finished off the giant crocodile, after others (mostly Oromis Oleadr) had also wounded it extensively. It’s not know if the paralytic arrows (treated with juices from the carrion crawlers) had anything to do with the giant beast’s defeat. Bullzeye, at one point, climbed onto the belly of the floating body of the beast, and made sure it was dead by cutting its neck with his sword. Before he was able to do that (after crawling onto its body), he attacked another crocodile (this was the fourth normal crocodile they’ve seen now) that had nearly killed Oromis from one bloody attack. This fourth attacker quickly disappeared back into the murky depths of the water of the large assembly hall the adventurers had been spending a lot of time in, in the castle.
After the large beast was killed, everyone took a breather. Malachizer was still horribly sick, so had to continually just rest, try not to get in the way, and be watched by the others. At this point, the halfling Id d’no was very hurt, too, since his run-in with and subsequent escape from the giant crocodile; he was just tending to his wounds (trying to make sure he was getting worse).
Soon, another plan was hatched. They sent Quick Wind out on the floating bed, into the waters of the assembly hall. Another crocodile attacked; Quick Wind was very hurt from the animal’s bite (in his midsection), and fell unconscious. At first, A-bom Great Moon was guarding, but now went to attack the crocodile; at the same time, Fangorn dragged Quick Wind’s limp body off of the bed and away from the crocodile. The crocodile was quickly dispatched by Fangorn’s next attack upon it’s back (with A-bom fighting at his side); the brother’s threw up a yell of triumph. And the rest of the group that heard them would have also yelled in victory; at least those that had enough strength to would have— at this point, this was just Shin-ou that was close enough to see and hear this melee.
Quick Wind aided three of them with his knowledge of field medicine; this benefited Oromis, Quick Wind, and I d’no.
Another harrowing three-day harrowing trip back, through the marshes, to Melinir. There were no battles or contentions along the way, fortunately.
– Melechizar was half-speed, for another eighteen or so hours….
Pickman regaled them with the details of the history of this region in southeastern Thunder Rift and Castle Kraal.
The adventure goes on, and the final secrets that the castle might yield still have not been uncovered.

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